COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – Tez Brooks announces the upcoming release of his tenth book, Adult-o-Nomics: How to Nail It On Your Own.

Launching out and making your way in life can be hard. But it doesn’t have to be. Often, this is caused by underestimating the curveballs life throws.

Within these pages is experience and know-how collected from famous personalities and others who’ve forged the path. This mix of ancient wisdom (adapted from God’s Word) and modern advice from contemporaries will place young adults ahead of the curve for more effective, faith-based adulting.

Multiple award-winning author Tez Brooks is excited to announce a gift book that will bring hope to young Christians everywhere. The official launch date for Adult-o-Nomics is April 30, 2024, just in time for graduation season. Brooks believes Adult-o-Nomics will encourage Gen Z, their roommates, parents, youth pastors, employers, professors, and more.

Available through Amazon, this self-published, short read contains 500 pithy tips and suggestions as quick one-liners offering help in the areas of housekeeping, cooking, employment, academics, finances, romance, family relationships, cultural norms, spirituality, mental and emotional health, and much more.

Josh D. McDowell, author of Straight Talk With Your Kids About Sex says, “Preparing for adulthood can be challenging and filled with mixed ideals. Tez’s book offers help.”

In 2020, Tez’s book, The Single Dad Detour, won Book of the Decade with Serious Writer Academy, and in 2022, listed him among the “50 Authors You Should Know.”

Brooks has appeared in Guideposts, Power for Living, The Upper Room,, Clubhouse, Focus on the Family,, and more. You can learn more and obtain a press kit at