Broken Bread Ministries Announces Ongoing Commitment to Supporting Charities

Nov 22, 2023

Broken Bread Ministries is proud to announce its ongoing commitment to supporting charities and making a positive impact in the body of Christ. We believe in the power of collective efforts and the importance of giving to those in need.

Annually, starting from Rosh Hashanah, Broken Bread Ministries carefully chooses three charities to champion. Each member is encouraged to commit a financial pledge to one or more of these selected charities throughout the year. These esteemed organizations have been making remarkable strides in various vital areas including offering aid in flood and disaster-stricken regions, establishing orphanages on an international scale, combating childhood hunger, and facilitating the reconnection of inmates with their families. It is a privilege for us to play a part in supporting these noble causes. We have actively engaged with these charities through bible study/worship, volunteering, and financial donations and we encourage everyone to contribute their support to their gallant efforts.

Expanding upon our ongoing initiatives, Broken Bread Ministries is thrilled to declare that, during our 2023 press conference held in Atlanta, GA, we proudly presented checks to the following charities, acknowledging and supporting their tireless endeavors:

Forgiven Ministry’smission is to meet the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of the children of inmates, the inmates themselves, ex-inmates, and inmates’ families, with the result of healing wounds inflicted by crime, redirecting lives, and restoring these individuals into the community as productive citizens, parents, and family members. Join us in supporting their ministry. (

No Child Goes Hungry is dedicated to the elimination of childhood hunger, one child, one meal at a time. With funds donated by churches, private organizations, and individuals, NCGH works with faith communities and other organizations to alleviate hunger on a local level. (

Love-N-Care Ministries was founded in 1990 by Yesupadam Paidipamula, an ‘untouchable’ Dalit from a poor remote Indian village who became the devout Christian leader of an international nonprofit organization. Under the leadership of Yesupadam, Love-N-Care Ministries has planted churches and trained ministry leaders in India, South Africa, West Germany, Canada and the US. In addition, their ministry has provided flood and disaster relief, and free medical outreach in poor villages and they are currently raising funds to build a 100-bed hospital in India. (

Pastor Christa Dickey, of Broken Bread Ministries, commented, “Our vision is to serve as a launching pad for future leaders in the body of Christ and actively provide resources and support to God-inspired nonprofits, ministries, charities, and programs and their leaders. We are very proud of the work these charities are doing and we thank God for allowing us to support them.”

We extend our sincere gratitude to all the charitable organizations we have had the privilege to work with and to the community for their support. We invite others to join us in this endeavor to create a better and more compassionate world.

Broken Bread Ministries, Inc. is primarily a virtual ministry and meets via Zoom every Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. Visit us at


Min. Tambeara Watkins-Curry


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