Conservative Mobilizer Speaking at Taking Back America’s Children Summit

Dec 14, 2022

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December 14, 2022

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FRANKLIN, TENNESSEE – Robert Arnakis, director of domestic and international programs for The Leadership Institute, will be a featured speaker at the Taking Back America’s Children (TBAC) Southeastern National Summit in Franklin, Tennessee on January 29, 2023.

The summit will be held at the Williamson County Enrichment Center, 110 Everbright Avenue in Franklin, Tennessee. To register, visit

Arnakis coordinates political education and consultation for the Leadership Institute to senior government officials, public policy leaders and influencers. International political and senior government leaders from nearly three dozen countries, including Canada, Great Britain, Italy, Denmark, and Peru, have benefited from Arnakis’ insight and wisdom.

Arnakis has advised multiple presidential and congressional campaigns and inspired grassroots organizations.

The Leadership Institute seeks to catalyze conservative Americans to actively engage the public policy process through direct participation, activism and leadership.

“Taking back control of our country starts with taking back control of our children’s education,” said Laurie Cardoza Moore, founder and president of Proclaiming Justice to The Nations, which is organizing TBAC.

“The goal is to help educate and activate parents and citizens who are considering running for school board or any political office,” she continued. “Robert is well known in conservative circles for training leaders, and he is going to be there to help participants determine if this is something they want to pursue.

“This is how we win: changing our way of life, moving off the sofa, and getting engaged in the schools.”

For Cardoza Moore, the battle for America’s schools is ultimately a battle against antisemitic hate, seeds of which can be imparted early in a child’s life.

Taking Back America’s Children is the campaign to combat anti-Judeo-Christian, anti-American, Marxist and antisemitic propaganda being peddled in our schools and our country.”

To register, or for more information about the Taking Back America’s Children Summit, visit


To schedule an interview with Laurie Cardoza Moore, founder and president of Proclaiming Justice to The Nations, please contact Clem Boyd, Director of Public Relations, at 724.930.4003.

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