Israel’s Paramedics and EMTs Under Attack

Oct 10, 2023

Jerusalem (October 10, 2023) — The death toll in Israel continues to rise with 1,000 Israelis killed, most of them civilians, including women slaughtered by gunmen in border communities.

More than 2,800 people have been injured, both by rocket and gunfire. More than 100 have been taken hostage, and now there are threats that the terrorists will begin executing the hostages. The panic in Israel is tangible.

Magen David Adom (MDA), Israel’s emergency medical response service, reports that an MDA ambulance has been captured by Hamas, while others have been fired upon beyond repair.

“We are still trying to ascertain the whereabouts of several of our EMTs and paramedics, fearing they may be injured or among those taken hostage,” noted Uri Shacham, MDA chief of staff. “Others have been killed or wounded as they ran toward danger to save lives.”

The people of Israel desperately need assistance in the wake of these terrible attacks.

“We must get more ambulances on the road,” Shacham said. “We must put lifesaving equipment and wound-stanching dressings into the hands of every paramedic and EMT. We must supply every hospital with enough blood to save the lives of the injured.”

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