Open Doors’ Annual World Watch List

Dec 14, 2023

Updated report reveals top 50 countries where Christians
face most extreme persecution for their faith 

SANTA ANA, Calif. — The 2024 edition of the World Watch List report, the most up-to-date analysis of Christian persecution worldwide, is scheduled to be released to the media, ministry leaders and general public on January 17, 2024.  Open Doors US CEO Ryan Brown and an expert on the issues facing Christians in some of the most violent regions in the world will be available for interviews with U.S. and International media.

The World Watch List is Open Doors’ annual ranking of the top 50 countries where Christians face the most persecution and/or discrimination for their faith.  Since 1993, the annual report has revealed the scale and severity of the persecution of Christians, with the number of countries where Christians suffer high and extreme levels of persecution having almost doubled to more than countries since the report’s inception.

“It’s only getting worse for Christians around the world experiencing these horrors,” shares CEO Ryan Brown. “And today, that number totals more than 350 million – 350 million people facing real persecution and discrimination, all because they follow Jesus.”

The World Watch List report offers an overview of persecution trends, highlighting the courageous experiences of Christians who are resiliently faithful to living out the gospel – no matter the cost. Through this report, Open Doors aims to also urge the global Church to support persecuted Christians, ultimately connecting followers of Jesus around the world through prayer, resources and encouragement.

“Our hope is that this annual report will represent these courageous and faithful people well, offering insight into the worldwide persecuted church, encouraging others to pray for these individuals, and inspiring a renewed faith within the church at-large,” Brown added.

Members of the media who wish to cover the release of the 2024 World Watch List should contact Melany Ethridge at To view Open Doors’ 2024 World Watch List report when it’s released on January 17, including the list of countries, a map, testimonials and more, visit

About Open Doors US
Founded in 1955 by Brother Andrew—author of the international bestseller God’s Smuggler—Open Doors serves persecuted Christians in more than 70 countries, and is known for its annual World Watch List, the ranking of the top 50 countries where Christians face the most extreme persecution and discrimination for their faith. Open Doors US is one of 25 national Open Doors International (ODI) affiliates located around the world. Ryan Brown serves as Open Doors US president and CEO.


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