Peachtree Celebrates 1 Billion Bibles

Dec 15, 2023

CHICAGO, IL — Peachtree Proofreading Services proudly announces a significant milestone in their history. They have contributed to Bibles that now exceed one billion copies distributed worldwide.

“Our journey, deeply rooted in a mission to protect and advance God’s Word, celebrates a profound impact—over one billion Bibles,” says Christopher Hudson, President of Peachtree. “This milestone is not just about business. It’s about the individual lives touched by the Scripture translations we’ve helped to develop and proofread.”

Peachtree regularly provides quality control reviews of new Bible page layouts, edits study notes, converts Bible study notes from one translation to another, writes inspirational content, and conducts meticulous word-for-word proofreading of new Bible databases. The firm originated from a Bible proofreading company established in the 1960s and was later organized under the visionary leadership of Doug and June Gunden, who were committed to enhancing the quality of Bible publishing.

Throughout the years, Peachtree has pioneered the development of cutting-edge electronic tools to refine their proofreading process. “We embrace a hybrid approach, combining both human discernment with technological precision. We are determined to ensure that every Bible we review is as free from errors as humanly possible,” Hudson remarks.

Today, Peachtree proofreads about 80 percent of the English Protestant Bibles that are commercially published in the US. They also proofread many Catholic Bibles and serve a number of publishers worldwide. In 2023, Peachtree reviewed Bibles in 12 different languages, furthering their commitment to international outreach.

“One billion Bibles is significant. We’re genuinely humbled that God has allowed us to touch Bibles that have had such a broad distribution,” Hudson says. “But with eight billion people in the world, we recognize there is more work to do.”


About Peachtree Publishing Services

Peachtree Publishing Services is a leader in the Bible publishing industry, renowned for its Bible proofreading and editorial services. With a mission to protect and advance God’s Word, Peachtree has been dedicated to excellence in publishing for over 40 years. Stay updated with the latest news and developments by following Peachtree Publishing Services on LinkedIn.

Christopher Hudson

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