Spiritual Awakening Sparked at Christian Event in New England

Jun 26, 2024

International Evangelist Michael Youssef Joined Hundreds of Churches Across Six States to Share the Gospel Near the Site of Nation’s First Great Spiritual Awakening 

ATLANTA —Atlanta pastor and international evangelist Michael Youssef traveled to Springfield, Massachusetts, taking a message of God’s Love found in John 3:16 to the most “post-Christian” city in America. Drawing thousands, Rise Up New England was the start of what Michael Youssef hopes will begin another revival to the United States.

According to a shocking study, the city of Springfield is the most “post-Christian” city in America—a designation that classifies the U.S. city as the place where the fewest number of people follow Jesus.

“New England holds a special place in my heart as a region where national revival was sparked for our nation,” explained Youssef. “We go where we are called by God, and I cannot wait to see how He works in New England from this event.”

It was a message that struck home for the crowd in the arena, as many responded to the invitation and came forward to put their faith in Jesus Christ.

“In an age where love is sought in all of the wrong places, we were able to share to the thousands that attended that only true love can be found in Jesus Christ,” stated Youssef.

Dr. Michael Youssef is the founding pastor of the 3,000-member The Church of the Apostles in Atlanta, Ga. He is also the founder of Leading The Way Ministries, which uses cutting edge media to share Christ’s message of hope to people on six continents in 28 of the most spoken languages. His latest book, Heaven Awaits, discusses the topics of hope and heaven and how to make them a daily reality. More information at LTW.org.


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