The Israel-Hamas War Has Entered Phase 2 – Connect With Sources on the Ground

Oct 31, 2023

Over the weekend, the Israel-Hamas War ramped up as IDF soldiers began a ground offensive in Gaza. From the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces, based in the U.S. and supplying 80% of soldiers’ non-tactical needs, to Mission Eurasia, equipping Israel’s bomb shelters with needed supplies for the impoverished unable to purchase these essentials, Infinity Concepts is your source for experts during this critical time.

Let’s schedule an interview with one of our excellent on-the-ground and U.S.-based organizations providing humanitarian aid, supplies and assistance for Israel.

FIDF (Friends of Israel Defense Forces) – They are the American support arm for the IDF and raise funds for everything from hygiene kits to mobile hospitals. They are being briefed daily by the IDF about what’s going on, and I’d be glad to include you in that loop, or get you connected with their efforts to support the IDF from the U.S. Major General Nadav Padan, FIDF National Director and part of IDF’s southern command, and Rabbi Steve Weil, CEO, are available for interview.

AFMDA – Magen David Adom (MDA), Israel’s national emergency medical service, has been responding to the tragedy of Hamas’ attack from day one, and have lost three of their own in the midst of trying to saving others. Despite the great risk and loss, they continue to rush to the scenes of mayhem and murder to heal and restore, Jews and Palestinians alike. Their goal is to heal and help, no matter who. Uri Shacham, MDA’s chief of staff in Israel, has appeared on CNN and CBN, and is available for interview.

Mission Eurasia (ME) – Led by Sergey Rakhuba, Mission Eurasia has been in the headlines for the last year regarding its humanitarian aid and Gospel ministry efforts with refugees and displaced people fleeing the war in Ukraine. They also have church-planting teams in Israel, which are now focused on equipping bomb shelters with needed supplies for long stays by those seeking safety amid the missiles. There are thousands of these shelters throughout Israel, each one capable of holding 5-15 people. “The low-income families we serve cannot afford to independently gather everything they need for a long stay in a bomb shelter,” noted one ME volunteer on the ground. Michael Sadovsky, Lead Pastor of Living Israel, is available for interview via translator.

Maoz (MAH-ohz) Israel – An organization of Messianic Jews working in Israel to support the church and spread the Gospel, they have pivoted to supporting soldiers and civilians, including the thousands of displaced Israelis from the southern border with Gaza. They are providing non-tactical items to soldiers such as underwear, canned food, toiletries, and solar phone chargers, offering bulletproof vests and helmets for medics, firefighters, and volunteers for safety from missile attacks, plus humanitarian aid for 300,000 displaced Israelis. Kobi Ferguson, executive director, is available for interview.

Efrat (EFF-raht) – An organization under normal circumstances focused on helping moms choose life for their unborn children. They are also pivoting to support soldiers with basic needs, including hot meals, but also getting tactical and protective items for civilian patrols, who are responsible for keeping safe the authorized settlements in Judea and Samaria aka the West Bank. This includes helmets, bullet proof vests, surveillance drones, even ATVs for patrolling the perimeters of their communities. Executive director Nir Salomon is available for interview.

ACLI (American Christian Leaders for Israel) – ACLI is leading a letter campaign to U.S. President Joe Biden, Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres, and to American university and college presidents, urging support for Israel, condemnation of Hamas, sanctions against Iran, an investigation of Qatar, and protection for Jewish students from antisemitic bullying and attacks. ACLI Executive Director Dr. Susan Michael, who is also national director of International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) USA, is available for interview.


To schedule an interview with any of these excellent sources, email Clem Boyd, Director of Public Relations, at or text or call him at 724.930.4003. You can also contact Gwen Adams, Public Relations Manager, at or text or call her at 724.936.1120.


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