Truegenics Introduces 7th Manna: A New Christian-Inspired Pain Relief Brand

Jan 22, 2024

SINGAPORE – Truegenics Pte Ltd, recently honored as ‘Team of the Year’ at the SBR Management Awards, proudly announces the launch of its fourth brand, 7th Manna. This distinction reflects the team’s commitment and excellence, attributes that are intricately woven into their latest brand.

7th Manna, rooted in Christian values, offers a compassionate solution to pain relief, integrating spirituality with health and exemplifying Truegenics’ continuous innovation in health solutions.

Drawing inspiration from the biblical story of Manna, the miraculous food God provided to the Israelites, 7th Manna stands as a modern-day symbol of divine nourishment. Embodying rest, renewal, and God’s abundant provision, the brand merges biblical inspiration with scientific validation.

CEO of Truegenics, Alvin Huang, with a personal connection to 7th Manna’s mission, states, “Our aim is to provide more than relief; we offer peace and comfort that align with the Christian community’s faith and values.” This marks Truegenics’ pioneering move into faith-centered health solutions.

With over 70% of Americans identifying as Christians, 7th Manna is set to address a substantial and underserved market. This new brand seeks to deepen the connection between faith and wellness, offering products infused with meaning and purpose.

Cheong Xin En, E-commerce Manager at Truegenics, is excited about 7th Manna: “We see great promise in serving the Christian community with values-aligned products. This brand goes beyond commerce to embrace faith and well-being.”

Julius Yap, Senior Customer Service Manager, is committed to enhancing customer engagement with 7th Manna. “7th Manna gives us the opportunity to engage with our customers on a deeper level. We are fully committed to delivering a service experience that is as thoughtful and considerate as our products.”

7th Manna’s debut products – Pain Relief Drops and Rest & Relief – are a testament to this commitment. These products are not just remedies; they are a blend of science and faith, providing relief and tranquility.

Truegenics ensures that each 7th Manna product is crafted in the USA with the purest ingredients, each vetted by clinical studies.

The brand’s commitment to transparency and quality is unwavering, promising customers not just physical relief but also spiritual upliftment.

Explore the harmonious blend of faith and health with 7th Manna. For more information, visit


About Truegenics Pte Ltd:
Truegenics Pte Ltd is a personal care Vitamin, Mineral, and Supplement (VMS) company whose products specifically cater to the baby boomer demographic. They are a D2C ecommerce company that sells mainly to US consumers. Truegenics believes that even the smallest action can define one’s destiny, and are committed to the creation of products that enhance the lives of their consumers.

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